Becoming Informed About Junk Emails

READ TIME: 3 min 52 sec. Communication is Key Have you ever opened your junk email folder on a Sunday morning only to discover emails you never saw that are important and time-sensitive? This is a common occurrence, especially when almost 50% of emails are junk,...

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What kind of headhunter would Cornelius Vanderbilt be?

READ TIME: 3 min 51 sec. Self-Made Man For most executives and companies, at some point and time, they will be looking to fill a key position. Executive headhunters help in this regard. When looking for an executive recruiter, you want someone who is responsible and...

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Would Winston Churchill be a good 21st century headhunter?

READ TIME: 3 min. The Statesman When looking for a headhunter you want someone credible. Someone who is going to tell you the truth of the current employment landscape. Someone who is an endless worker. You also want someone fearless to take that next step into battle...

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How to Hire with a Global Mindset

READ TIME: 4 min 30 sec. What does it take to become a global enterprise? The cliche answer is blood, sweat, and tears. The reality is that adaptability is crucial. GS&A is an executive headhunting firm by trade. That is what we do. Yet one of our biggest clients,...

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Soft Skills: The Secret Sauce of Staffing

Read time: 4 min, 54 sec. In relationship science, there is a concept referred to as the “magic ratio of 5:1.” It leads romantic partnerships to longevity and satisfaction, and in business, it can be the difference between a sturdy professional reputation and/or a...

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How to Restaff Return-to-Office Employee Losses

Read time: 3 minutes 43 seconds To quote Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” especially when it comes to staffing. In just a little over a year, technological fluency has gone from a resume “Special Skill” filler to being utterly non-negotiable. In-person...

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