Would Winston Churchill be a good 21st century headhunter?

READ TIME: 3 min. The Statesman When looking for a headhunter you want someone credible. Someone who is going to tell you the truth of the current employment landscape. Someone who is an endless worker. You also want someone fearless to take that next step into battle...

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How to Hire with a Global Mindset

READ TIME: 4 min 30 sec. What does it take to become a global enterprise? The cliche answer is blood, sweat, and tears. The reality is that adaptability is crucial. GS&A is an executive headhunting firm by trade. That is what we do. Yet one of our biggest clients,...

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Soft Skills: The Secret Sauce of Staffing

Read time: 3 min 17 sec. Even before the pandemic, the industry's shifting demographics and ever-increasing reliance on technology had begun a massive overhaul on the workplace. Millennials have been the largest generational group in the workforce since 2016, and Gen...

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How to Restaff Return-to-Office Employee Losses

Read time: 3 minutes 43 seconds To quote Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” especially when it comes to staffing. In just a little over a year, technological fluency has gone from a resume “Special Skill” filler to being utterly non-negotiable. In-person...

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How to Avoid the High Cost of a Bad Hire

Read time: 5 mins and 24 secs In March of 2020, COVID interrupted the world as we know it with stay-at-home orders and quarantine; the office went remote, and all of a sudden, the Zoom versus Microsoft Teams debate became one of the most contentious topics in popular...

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Guice Smith and Associates Announces Strategic New Hires

The hiring process is complicated. It is time-consuming and stressful, and frankly, round after round of interviews followed by multiple games of “Reference Check Phone Tag” are no one’s idea of a good time. It is also a high-pressure part of the management role....

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Build a Culture of Excellence for Long-Term Success

GS&A New Hires Announcement Guice Smith and Associates (GS&A), is pleased to announce several recent additions to our team of search and recruiting experts. GS&A’s new additions are specialists in recruiting and other specialty areas such as Physicians,...

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