How to Avoid the High Cost of a Bad Hire

The hiring process is complicated. It is time-consuming and stressful, and frankly, round after round of interviews followed by multiple games of “Reference Check Phone Tag” are no one’s idea of a good time. It is also a high-pressure part of the management role....

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Guice Smith and Associates Announces Strategic New Hires

GS&A New Hires Announcement Guice Smith and Associates (GS&A), is pleased to announce several recent additions to our team of search and recruiting experts. GS&A’s new additions are specialists in recruiting and other specialty areas such as Physicians,...

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Build a Culture of Excellence for Long-Term Success

For any business to survive in the short term, you need tangible results like sales, services, revenue and profit. For long-term success, companies can create a foundation for the future when they create a culture of excellence. To get a better idea of what that...

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Strategies for the CEO’s Focused Productivity

As the top decision-makers, CEOs have access to all the resources at their companies.   The one resource always in short supply: time. It is critical for company’s success that CEOs use their time wisely. A Harvard study found that CEOs work relentlessly. On average,...

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3 Leaders Transforming the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, bold decisions save lives and help us become healthier. During times of crisis, a leader’s actions define a company or an organization. There are hundreds or even thousands of leaders whose current and recent actions are transforming a changing...

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Getting to ‘No’: Why This is an Important Data Point

As leaders, we know the role of building company culture is crucial. This has always been true for companies and organizations trying to hit strategic targets and at the same time maintaining morale and keeping the best people engaged.    When co-workers come together...

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Leadership Advice from an Unsung American Hero

When we collect data on prospective leaders for our clients, one of the most important data points we look for is the word “No.” By that, we do not mean bad candidates. Quite the contrary: many of the people we look at are excellent leaders.
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